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DEViL Logo DEViL3D is a generator for development environments for visual three dimensional languages. It is developed at the University of Paderborn and the successor of DEViL - the 2,5D counterpart.

DEViL3D can derive state of the art editors for visual languages from high-level specifications.

The specifications describe the model, the visual depiction and the analysis resp. transformation of the visual language. DEViL3D uses compiler know-how and special easy to learn domain specific languages which make the 3D creation process fully transparent to the user.

The generated environments use the jmonkey game engine to produce an appealing layout and easy manipulation of the language.

DEViL3D supports the Rapid-Prototyping of DSLs, because expert knowledge is encapsulated in the derivation process and the language designer can abstract from technical details.

The following picture is a screenshot of a generated editor for molecular construction. On the left hand side of the top view you can see buttons to insert specific atoms in the 3D view. DEViL3D creates structure editors hence the user is always guided in the construction of visual language instances. Wrong instances cannot be constructed.


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